What’s made the biggest impact on me and on the project is getting to hear the music of those who’ve participate in the choirs, gleaning their personalities in full. ALL of those listed below are talented, dedicated musicians of their own, please take some time to listen!

Thimali Kodikara

Jen Goma

Nkoula Badila

Lindsey-Paige McCloy

Starr Busby

Emily Ritz

Bill Gillim

Bahar Baharloo

Boshra AlSaadi

Asy Saavedra

Phyllis Lee

Denitia Odigie

Justine Bowe

Claire De Lune

Rully Shabara

Jon Mueller

Liv Carrow

Sarah White

in Berlin:

Anna Mareike HoltzCamilla Stavely-TaylorChanny LeaneaghElena PieperEmily Stavely-TaylorGyda ValtysdottirHenrike RauJenn Wasner, Jessica Stavely-TaylorKate StablesKristinAnna ValtysdottirLisa HanniganMarta (Curly)Miriam LaschinskiNora LessingPauline DessnerRoseSabrina NürnbergerSarah ReuberShara NovaSoema MontenegroTabea StorzUlrike Küchler