– This Friday, Sep 2nd,
(le) Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker St. NYC, NY 10012)
Doors 6p, Music 7p
Tix: $12 adv / $15 door
DRONECHOIR Trace is a choral piece I’ve been creating which has constantly evolved while being performed unrehearsed by curious vocalists from Hudson, NY to Mpls, MN and this Friday will be performed by 13-14 wonderful vocalists, many of whom have donated their time one to two times already in other Dronechoir performances. I am stoked and honored to have their recurring presence! including Asy Saavedra, Bahar Baharloo, Boshra AlSaadi, Denitia Odigie, Emily Ritz, Jen Goma, Lindsey-Paige McCloy, Nkoula Badila, Phyllis Lee, Starr Busby, Thimali Kodikara, Justine Bowe and Yours Truly at Le Poisson Rouge. I’m both petrified and enthusiastic for our foray into the city so to my friends in the area, I hope you’ll come to support us!
We will be sonically squeezed between two fantastic solo avant/experimental composers: Christopher Tignor, who is celebrating the release of his new LP, and avant-composer/guitarist Patrick Higgins (of Zs), so this will be a beautiful evening of music.
Please get advance tickets !
 – On Wednesday, Sept 14th I’ll be one of 5 vocalists backing up Bon Iver on Jimmy Fallon. I’m freakin out! Severe kudos to Jen Goma for her graciousness in sharing this opportunity!
 – On Sept 21st I will again be performing a piece I composed for Naama Tsabar’s Composition 20 on the High-Line with 20 other musicians, all standing on amplifiers placed strategically throughout a particularly tight area on the pathway (at the 14th street entrance), propelling onlookers to pass between each musician and thereby hearing each instrument from each participant, as well as experiencing the cacophony as a whole. It was well-received and as such we were invited to reunite to complement the High-Line’s 4th Annual Art Dinner happening that evening. (Apparently this part of the day isn’t yet listed on the High-Line’s website so perhaps I’m jumping the gun but let’s see who flinches…)
There is More To Come in October, including a live Interview in the DKNY window in NYC with Emilie Baltz, the coolest (and perhaps the only) high-art-foodie i’ve ever had the honor to meet and work with, an improv session with Yuka Honda and Shayna Dunkleman for The HUM series at Manhattan Inn, Buke and Gase performances at Threes Brewing and more!