Dronechoir TRACE! recap

Listen to Dronechoir Trace, as performed on July 17th at CR10

Dronechoir TRACE

The vocalists of Dronechoir Trace From Left to right: Bahar Baharloo, Jen Goma, Arone Dyer, Emily Ritz, Asy Saavedra, Lindsey-Paige McCloy, Phyllis Lee and Starr Busby.


This composition is beginning to show its many faces. I adapted it from its original form which was performed as a static quartet in April 2016, this time with the addition of movement instructions and slight changes to a couple of the parts. There were still 4 parts to work with, so two vocalists shared each part and this was notable only when the partners slowly circled each other towards the end of the piece.
Many of these women had not met until the event as there was no rehearsal prior to the performance. Each vocalist was given their part to listen through at least one week ahead of time, but none had heard all the parts together. The audience was witness to our own discovery of the piece as a whole, as well as to our courage and commitment to the present moment. There were no wrong moves and no mistakes to be made.
During the performance each vocalist was instructed by a recording on their digital-listening-device to sing particular notes as well as make simple movements. Some of the movement directions included “Step Forward” – “Make your way to anywhere in the room” – “Turn Clockwise with your Partner”. I found that making clear and concise verbal movement instructions while indicating sometimes subtle vocal changes was challenging.

Each performance of the Dronechoir has been as unique as the individuals involved, and I intend to continue the evolution. I am honored that these women chose to be a part of the organic performance-writing process with me.

For this event at CR10, Dronechoir was joined by Peptalk of Brooklyn, NY, and the proceeds of the event were proudly donated to Campaign Zero.Dronechoir TRACE 02