Arone Dyer is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and one half of Brooklyn-born-project Buke and Gase, a genre-defying musical exploration of limits and device. Since February 2015 she has been examining dis/comfort within performance through a series of long-durational choral pieces, aptly titled Dronechoir, which was initiated during the first edition of 24-hr Dronefest at Basilica Hudson, and has since metamorphosed into a moving meditation of subtle sonic changes. A live tutorial in How to Melt the Individual Among Peers. Continue onward through or to learn more about whatever it is you’re curious about regarding said individual-as-yet-unmelted. Partial Melt.




cropped-Screen-Shot-2016-01-26-at-4.11.22-PM.pngphoto credit: viktor klinger